"Smoking ages you. You’re going to look 50 by the time you’re 35."

"You’re 32 and you look like you were born when dinosaurs walked the earth. Tell me again how exactly we got stuck with each other?"

"Eh, I guess we were both just.. There."

"Love you too, Sam." 
  • Alesso Galaxy
    Available for Teen-Elder females.
    Custom thumbnails.
    Download: MEGA

"Are you smoking? I thought you quit."

"I did. Sort of."

  • Cazy Serenity
    Available for Child-Elder females.
    Custom thumbnails.
    Download: MEGA

"We aren’t going to your mother’s, don’t worry. I’d rather face a horde of zombies than set foot in her house."

"That’s why I love you."

"Come on!"

"Sam, where are you taking me? You better not have brought me to my mother’s, you know how she gets during christmas."

Can you tell I get bored decorating halfway through and just reuse the same decor over and over and over again?